Free PSN Card Codes

Free PSN Codes, if you have a PlayStation 3 then you know how important, and expensive they can be. This site can and will show you how to get Free PSN Codes, Easy and Fast. If you follow these instructions you will get $20 Free PSN Code e-mailed to you without ever spending a cent.

The first thing that I would recommend trying is downloading this file. I provide a few codes as often as I get a chance to upload them for you to download. They are a few codes I got myself and am sharing with you. If the codes don't work, either download the file again another day, or continue reading down below here to get the codes yourself the same way that I do it.

Download the file here!

Last Updated: June 5th 2011 (note the codes are usually available for 3 or 4 days after being updated!)
Free PSN Card CodesFree PSN Card CodesFree PSN Card CodesFree PSN Card Codes


Is Getting $20 Free PSN Card Codes Legal, And Is There Any Proof?

Yes! The way it works is Rewards1 (the site that gives you Free PSN Codes), Pays you to view adds play games or even have your friends join. And you use the money you earn to get Free PSN Codes, Free PlayStation Games or what ever else you want from So considering how easy it is to earn these Prizes There are thousands of proof pictures I have put just a few of them on my Proof Page . You can also get a dollar bill (or other items of your choice) sent to you for free as proof just for signing up!

So What Is The Quickest Way To Earn Your Free PSN Codes?

Earning Free PSN Codes is actually very easy. Most people can earn then in just a hour or two. But, we will list the steps you need to take to get those Free PSN Codes.

Getting Started

The Sign Up is very simple and is basically the same as any other big site out there (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube). Just fill out some quick info and verify your email address. Just make sure to use your real email address or at least remember what email address you use because that how they send you your Free PSN Codes. Sign up here!

**After Signing up and verifying your email you will receive 250 Bonus Points and more information on how to most easily get your Free PSN Codes**

Earn Points. To your Free PSN Code all you have to do is complete a few Free Offers. A lot of Free Offers that you do will be like the survey that you did to gain access to this site. Most of those are worth a lot of points. But there are also offers that take about 5 seconds to complete and are worth a little less. You can also Play Games and Invite your Friends to earn your $20 Free PSN Code. So you can see how fast the points can add up to get you your Free PSN Code

Get Your Free PSN Card Code.

Now, for the funnest step. Order your Free PSN Codes. All you have to do is go to the Spend Points Tab and select the $20 Free PSN Codes. And they will send it straight to your email address. You can use this for more than just Free PSN Codes, you can also get Free PlayStation 3 Games or anything that sells. There are members that have earned hundreds of dollars worth of free PlayStation stuff.